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ID Driver  

GPS Systems gives option to identify each driver. Only an identified driver can start the car (immobilizer type). You can monitoring the correct observance of working hours and regulated breaks, as well as control how employees drive the vehicle. You can track whether they make sudden stops / starts, force the engine excessively or drive at overspeed:

  • Working hours
  • Breaks - regulated and unregulated.
  • Stay - regulated and unregulated.

Correct observance of the speed limits, as well as the Road Traffic Act Reports on frequently visited addresses or sites by drivers. The system allows monitoring vehicles in the zone or outside the zone, as well as the use of the vehicle overtime.

You have information how each driver operates the vehicle entrusted to him. You have full monitoring of what is happening on the road. In case of violations and fines, you have a look at the full situation - how many kilometers the violation actually happened and who committed it. You are informed if the vehicle has exceeded the pre-set speed limit, whether there are unregulated stays. There is an automated report for exceeded monthly limit for kilometers. Our system gives different types of reports for driver and for vehicle. You receive information about the traveled routes, as well as about visiting of home address of your employee. The GPS Systems make an report of working hours of each driver, so you can have an overview of the work done in general for each employee. These reports are useful, because they save hours for the management team, at the same time the system gives accurate information about what is happening and the work process.



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