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Our mission:

GPS Systems offers a wide range of GPS fleet management solutions, intended for fleets of different sizes and businesses specialised in logistics and distribution of fast-moving consumer goods such as foods, beverages, drugs and toiletries, and others. We support cost reduction, optimize logistics operations and increase the efficiency of private business. Thanks to the completely closed cycle of our system, we provide full technical support from the moment of system design, selection of expert solutions and their implementation, to the process of implementation of already taken decisions. 

Our mission is to garniture to clients high quality of the service products and solutions we offer! We have the resource, to be useful in optimizing costs, time, capabilities and technological solutions in your business. We can offer experience, reliability and individual approach to each client. We work successfully on individual projects. We offer efficient and flexible solutions for different types of companies and businesses.


GPS Systems Bulgaria has created a completely innovative technology for GPS tracking. The software and the production of the hardware are entirely Bulgarian development. With friendly and easy for work interface. GPS Systems is interactive system with different access levels for our users, in our system users themselves can set parameters for administration in the system. We have create fully reliable data storage center. For us, the security of information is a great importance. The software of GPS Systems Bulgaria is feature with high security and protection.

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