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Financial Benefits

Business Benefits After Integrating a GPS Fleet Management System


Reduction of transport
and operational fuel costs.
Increased security and fleet control.
Reduction of fleet depreciation.
Control and alerting when speed rules
aren’t followed.
Assigning mandatory routes and
stayover rules.
Complete transparency and analytical information from a number of
business specific reports and graphs.
Export and integration to external systems.


tracking of current
location, mileage and route.
Ability to connect to On-board computer/CANBUS.
Recording accurate data for wasted fuel, fuel levels,
travelled distance, engine revolutions,
temperature and more.
Precise data for engine working time
with one or/and two pumps.
Ability to remotely control different vehicle segments
such as doors, sensors, engine and others.


Multiplatform application, accessible from anywhere
in the world. Ability to add objects and zones
on maps and routes Setup of specific rules, alerts,
work schedule, access control and more.
Tools for easy and effective vehicle service management over
consumables, parts, repairs, insurances, future
and past servicing.
Archiving reporting data for extensive period of time.
Ability to assign different access, view and edit
right to employees and departments.


Control and tracking of assets and vehicles.
Monitoring over driving style
and proper vehicle and cargo exploitation.
Panic button and increased driver security.
Driver identification and profiling.
Reducing road accidents and damages.
Real-time tracking with refresh rate
in a matter of seconds.
Ability to add different restrictions and alerts
to drivers, vehicles, zones and objects.
Providing you different tools to achieve
100% Fleet Compliance

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