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Fleet Management Solutions for Construction, Agriculture and other Specialised Machinery 

GPS Systems offers a wide range of fleet management solutions, intended for fleets of different sizes and businesses specialised in construction, agriculture, logging, mining and other heavy industries. Our system offers a complete transparency and overview of all transport-related events and assesses the quality of work for employees, vehicles as well as your specialised assets and machinery. This way, we’re able to significantly reduce both fuel and vehicle operational costs, while increasing productivity and output. If your business leases specialised equipment and machinery, we offer you the ability to accurately bill customers based on engine runtime and avoid undercharging or overcharging. You can fully rely on our ongoing support and real-time data feed to analyse your business and quickly implement the best tools, giving you better control and management over your fleets.

  • Tracking of location, speed, direction of movement, routes, stayovers and more. Data refresh rate in a matter of seconds.
  • Reducing fuel expenses. Accurate data feed for wasted fuel, average rate fuel consumption and mileage.
  • Ability to extract data by connecting to the on-board diagnostics/CAN BUS:
  • Accurate data for wasted fuel, fuel tank level, revolutions, engine temperature and more.
  • Accurate calculation of running hours for leased construction, agriculture or other specialised machinery.
  • Calculating work hours by engine revolutions.
  • Assigning and tracking assets to trailers, harvesters, tractors and other specialised machinery.
  • Geofencing of assets, leased construction, agriculture or other machinery.
  • Maintenance tracking of assets and specialised vehicles. Track exactly how much an asset is used in order to schedule maintenance works.
  • Ability to control external vehicle systems such as doors, pumps, temperature sensors and others.
  • Full transparency over all fleet operations, enabling you to easily manage and control your specialised vehicles and increase the reliability of your workflows.
  • Ability to use the system from every tablet, smartphone or browser, no matter where you are in the world.
  • Avoiding large maintenance bills and machinery downtime by tracking and conducting frequent maintenance checks. Automatic servicing and maintenance notifications.
  • Accurate fuel consumption data and automatic statistics.
  • Significantly reducing fleet depreciation by having enough data to take preventative measures and avoid future breakdowns and potential downtime.
  • Advanced analytics and real-time custom graphs and analysis updates.
  • Ability to integrate the system and export data to different software’s for expenditures and audits.
  • Automatic data archiving and advanced system learning.
  • GPS Systems supports specialised tools to easily and effectively manage different parts and consumables from the vehicle servicing of your fleet such as insurance, repairs, tire changes and more.
  • Ability to change between 7 types of geo maps licensed from Google Maps and Open Street. All maps are with high resolution and real-time traffic data.
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