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GPS Systems integrates 7 types of high-resolution maps licensed from two providers – Open Street and Google Maps. This increases significantly the reliability of our system while allowing you to view all of your vehicles at the same time. Other than the basic maps, you can switch between Hybrid and Relief maps as well as select different views such as traffic, zones, facilities and tools. With those options, you can accurately draw specific zones and set a number of rules for them such as where the fuel cap can be opened, exit and entry rules, work schedule, speed, stayovers and others. The same can be done for objects such as delivery addresses, gas stations, company parking and others. This allows you to setup the ideal routing and have the system manage everything for you, notifying only when there are issues or the rules have been broken. The generated alerts can be presented in the system or/and send via e-mail. 
Some of the benefits observed from the correct implementation of those tools are reduced fuel consumption and costs, mileage, emissions, maintenance costs and increased organization operational efficiencies. Our mission is to help you achieve those goals and as such you can rely on us to provide you with on-going phone support and analyse your business, proposing the best solutions and assistance during implementation. 




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