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With highly accurate data feed, GPS Systems is able to provide you with all the information required to control, manage and optimise fuel consumption. For advanced fuel management we can further connect our hardware to the following components:

  • Onboard diagnostics/CAN BUS
  • Fuel gauge
  • Flowmeters

The most accurate data can be achieved by connecting the device to the Onboard diagnostics/CAN BUS of the vehicle. This way you can receive in real-time exact data for fuel levels, wasted fuel, mileage, revolutions, engine temperature and more. Our software analyses and presents the data and in real-time adds it to your statistics and graphs. This way you are able to see and quickly react if there are any anomalies such as sharp decrease in fuel levels.

Further options are control over where the vehicle has the right to refuel. By using zones and static objects, you’re able to define gas stations or other facilities, ensuring that your fleet refuels only from your specified gas stations. Based on the live stats and profound graphs, the fleet manager is able to detect the real fuel waste with exact history and routes.
By optimising the routes, reducing idle time and improving the driving style, a significant fuel cost reduction can be achieved of up to 30% for each vehicle. 




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