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GPS Systems offers interface for automatic generation of reports, references, analyses and graphics for the purpose of facilitation of the operational procedure. The system is automatic and it sends the generated reports and references to e-mail address in e-format (csv ,xls ,pdf) with time of period in advance. That reduces the manager’s working hours and it helps for the right assessment of the situation in the fleet for taking satisfactory decisions.

We offer you automated reports for solving your problems in the fleet:

  • Fuel consumption report - the report gives information about the fuel consumption day by day\for every each day for all motor vehicles or selected ones. The reference information helps to make accurate calculations for the fuel consumption of each vehicle, how it is operated and whether any abuses have been made.
  • Summary reference on motor vehicles - it gives exact report for the spent fuel, passed kilometers and spent pecuniary funds for technical maintenance of the selected motor vehicles. In this way every manager receive summary reference with information about the motor vehicle, its profitability and is it profitable enough for the company or it would be better to be laid to lay up.
  • Speed mode report-the reference report on engine working hours - Exact revolutions are set and they are admitted in idle running. The readings, which are more than them, are accepted for working revolutions. The reference is exceptionally helpful for the specialized and construction machines when real working hours are paid for. It/The reference has an opportunity to calculate the working hours of exact machine or servant correctly. It is used also in machinery for rent for calculating working hours. 
  • Routes for vehicles report –the report gives information about the routes for the selected vehicles. The reference is marketable for companies with fast resolutely goods. It\The reference has the opportunity to trace compliance with set routes and schedules and then to conclude for the execution of the put tasks.
  • Stay for a period report – it is exceptionally beneficial reference for companies specialized in distribution of fast-moving consumer goods. The reference correctly report on if the motor vehicle was in stay and its continue .It reports on also the condition of the engine-it was on or off, and the fuel consumption for the stay. Due to the reference you can conclude for the continue of the stays at work time with working engine and the work ability of the employee.
  • Home visits report –the reference is completely informative for the managers. It studies the intensity of home visits or the frequency of other addresses visits with company vehicle in working time. From this reference can be drawn conclusions about the correct behavior of employees towards the employer.
  • Mileage and fuel report – it gives information about mileage at work time and out of it. The reference is beneficial for companies, whose employees use company cars for personal uses. Through this report office and personal miles can be calculate easy and quickly.
  • Overrun report – the reference report on the vehicles and their exceeded speed limit at the exact period of time. It helps in complicated cases with fines for its resolutions and it report on the driver who has exceeded the speed limit.
  • Unregulated parking report–- the report gives information about unregulated parking towards fixed parking zones and work time in days of the week. This report will provide information about possible unauthorized parking out of the predefined zones.
  • Motor vehicle work time report –The reference report on passed kilometers and moto hours for fixed motor vehicles in work time and out of it. The reference also report on the vehicle passed kilometers in zone or out of it



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