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Carpool is a specialised feature of the system, created to solve logistical problems with shared corporate fleets. The option enables the business to optimise the schedule and working hours of their vehicles and workers, reduce costs, provide the data required to make the most rational vehicle allocation between departments and accurately share the costs. With its simple user-friendly reservation section, GPS Systems allows the employees and departments to see the availability of vehicles and place requests. The solution accurately records routes, fuel and vehicle working hours for every employee or/and department.
Carpool provides a number of benefits for the business by enabling you to optimise your processes, resources and eliminate idle time. Thanks to the real-time data collected and stored in the system, you are able to clearly see the cost-efficiency of your fleet and achieve your financial and departmental goals.
From the profitability section of the system the user can see both an overview and a breakdown of delays and vehicles which have been intentionally held up longer than scheduled, driven without request or used for a different purpose.
Thanks to carpool you are able to get the information needed to optimise your fleet and significantly increase the productivity of your employees and departments.




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