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GPS Systems uses its own fleet management devices – GPS Matrix, to guarantee extended functionality and support to our clients. By connecting GPS Matrix to the on-board diagnostics, we are able to extract extremely accurate information and send it and store it in real-time. The data which we extract varies between different vehicle models but generally includes fuel levels, current fuel consumption, mileage, engine revolutions, engine temperature and more. In order to guarantee real-time data and a refresh rate of only a few seconds, we have allocated advanced processing power in our servers and have made the system available 24/7 from anywhere in the world. All data is further presented and processed in statistics and graphs in real-time and added to already existing archives and trends.
With the use of information from the on-board diagnostics we’re able to provide you with driving style and overall data regarding the exploitation of the vehicle. This way you can minimise risk situations, inefficient driving and greatly reduce servicing costs and downtime.



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