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GPS Systems

GPS Systems is a highly secured cloud system engineered to provide real-time control and vehicle tracking. With live monitoring over your fleet, the system enables you to track the position, speed, movement direction, routes, stayovers, stops along a route, mileage, moto hours, fuel tank level, fuel consumption analysis and graphs (identification of rapid fuel drops or other anomalies) and many more. The software is able to track and record work schedule for every individual vehicle, including regulated and unregulated stops, longer stays and overnight stays. With the use of driver identification, the system profiles the driver and optimises costs while reducing road accidents. To correctly calculate personal, leased or other vehicle expenses and avoid undercharging, you have constant access to information regarding passed distance and engine moto hours, both in and out of work schedule.

GPS Systems further gives the option to draw and define geographic zones, receive alerts when entering or leaving, rapid fuel level change, opening vehicle fuel caps in restricted areas or/and out of regulated zones, activation of external devices and sensors such as pumps, doors on cargo compartments and many more. GPS Systems enables you to keep track of each vehicle’s maintenance, insurance, change of consumables, repair works and others. You have the ability to add data concerning each of those items and set static objects on the maps such as offices, warehouses, shops, service centres and others. This way, the system automatically detects when a vehicle has passed through those specific locations as part of a route or a stayover.

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GPS Systems is an innovative multiplatform WEB based CLOUD technology, compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, laptops and PC’s. You have direct access to the system from any point in the world. By simply imputing your username and password, you have full control over your fleet and drivers in a matter of seconds and in real-time.
The system holds seven different high-resolution maps, realistic view over the focused location and real-time traffic data. To increase the reliability and dependability of our system and guarantee 24/7 access we have implemented both Google Maps and Open Street. 

Reporting within the system is completely automated, and unlike other similar systems, we recognise the importance of accurate data in decision making thus provide you with reporting refresh rate of only a few seconds. For businesses having to comply to different government regulations, we can provide customised reporting including different attributes from zones, routes, vehicle services and drivers. All reports and analysis can be further automatically exported to pdf, xls, csv formats and automatically sent to your e-mail. Securing your data is always a top priority and as such, you can set different system access levels and store data for long periods of time. In case of connection loss, GPS Matrix device has the ability to store up to 20 000 events. With our flexible interface, the system is highly adaptable to ERP, SAP and other business specific systems.

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