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Containers and trailers  

GPS Systems developed a special solutions for real time control and tracking of trays, trucks, loads and trailers. The service is meant for transport, logistic, building and petroleum companies.

Due to GPS Systemsyou have information for the location of you assets in real-time. For tracking of trays, trailers and special loads, GPS Systems uses GPS device with autonomous supply with exceptional resistant battery for a long time of work. The device own a unique functionality for remote control, allows changes in the time for transmission, accordingly to the necessities of the subscriber, and an option for remote activation and disable. The device is easy to be installed and kept. It activate an alarm under unauthorized access and actions. The advantages from GPS control and tracing of loads and trays are: 


  • Submission of location
  • Real-time information
  • Reduction of the losses and abuses to the minimum 
  • Successful management of the assets and loads 



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