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ECO Drive  

ECO Drive is economical, smart, trouble-less and safe driving. Techniques that lead to fuel savings give economic benefits of up to 30%. ECO Drive - is the reasonable driving style that you can implement in your fleet and company via usages of GPS Systems. Economical driving offers benefits for drivers of vehicles and heavy machinery: it reduces costs and helps to reduce accidents, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can enforce upon this management and driving style via GPS Systems in your company. You can see below some benefits that really worth:

  • Lower fuel costs. Reducing direct costs.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Motivated and predictable driving style. Without pointless acceleration and deceleration. Smooth gear changes and engine sparing. Less stress and aggression on the road.
  • Reducing the risk and cost of accidents and injuries.
  • Reducing the cost of insurance.
  • Increasing driver productivity.
  • Enhancing driver morale and retention.
  • Contribution to environmental protection.

GPS Systems encourages and tolerates ECO driving, which reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions, accidents at work and fuel consumption. We take care of nature and believe that with daily, small activities we will be able to contribute to environmental protection.



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