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The software of GPS Systems is created by our development department with flexible possibilities for integrating to the requirements of each client and business. We have a team of professionals – our engineers permanently develop and improve the system and the functionalities we offer.
We have created department for technological innovation – together with our professionals constantly update the software of our system.
GPS System is a totally Bulgarian development. Designed and manufactured in Bulgaria. We can make our self all modifications of software of GPS devices - this possibilities gives huge advantage over the competition in the industry. We are able to provide the best prices to our customers thanks to our own production. The system is a closed structure in which we can eliminate any problem. We have built a service base throughout over the country, with highly qualified technical teams, with many years of experience.
We are useful with technical advice and support in case of questions. We are able to give the best options and price offers to our customers. Our sales department can advise you and offer individual solutions and opportunities for each business. We have an open telephone line for inquiries or questions
+359700 20 820 / +359887 376 336

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