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About us

With a number of years of experience in manufacturing, design, development and engineering of security systems and GPS tracking, GPS Systems Bulgaria integrates the latest high-tech developments to provide an accurate and up-to-date solution for every business. At GPS Systems Bulgaria, our mission is to use our broad background and knowledge over different systems to profoundly understand your business processes, identify opportunities for optimisation and implement an adequate technological solution. To guarantee top quality products, our manufacturing follows the management quality system EN ISO 9001:2015. All of our products are further certified under European directives with CE mark and RoHS certificates.
GPS Systems is aimed at optimising business operations and drastically improving fleet management and control. The system is specifically designed for businesses relying on accurate real-time data. The user is able to easily track the vehicle and see its location, movement speed and direction, date and time, stops and stayovers, mileage and routes, fuel level, fuel consumption, temperature in cargo or refrigerator compartment, engine performance(in hr) when handling one or two pumps, engine blockage, openings of fuel tank cap and many more. 


With over 25 years of experience in the security field and integration of innovative technologies, we have developed and implemented a new, generation of highly secured and reliable hi-tech alarm system. Our range of products include security systems, communicators, sensors and the software’s required for their set-up and control. The systems are ideal for remote monitoring, securing and supporting large numbers of sites in real time. By using the newest available technologies, we enable each individual user to gain remote control over their alarm system and the different devices and sensors connected to it.For more information:

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