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 GPS Fleet Management Solutions for Trucks


GPS Systems offers easy solutions for managing of your fleet via GPS control and tracking of trucks and heavy vehicles. Easily helps to reduce costs, optimizes fuel consumption, controls fuel consuptions, monitors for unregulated actions and logistics operations. Provides an assessment of the quality of work, driving style and operation of vehicles. You have full monitoring and control of the fleet. Provides an assessment of the quality of work, driving style and operation of vehicles. You have full awareness and control of the fleet. Provides an assessment of the quality of work, driving style and operation of vehicles. GPS Systems guaranteed to increase the efficiency of companies of different sizes. Provides best solutions for improving the management of your fleet of improving of your fleet of vehicles.

  • Tracking of location, speed, direction of movement, routes, stayovers and more.
  • Reducing fuel expenses. Accurate data feed for wasted fuel, average rate fuel consumption and mileage.
  • Ability to extract data by connecting to the on-board diagnostics/CAN BUS:
  • Accurate data for wasted fuel, fuel tank level, revolutions, engine temperature and more.
  • Customised statistics and driving style insights for each driver. Includes excessive use of breaks and acceleration.
  • Driver Identification – Driver profiling and ability to send pickups as well as live messages.
  • Integrated data from external systems such as door sensors, pumps and others.
  • Ability to remotely control different vehicle components such as doors, engine and more.
  • Defining and easily drawing geographic zones. You can set a different name and type for each zone and specify them as normal, forbidden for vehicles or mandatory for vehicles to stay in.
  • Setting different zone rules and restrictions for speed, acceleration, entering/exiting and alerting.
  • Adding additional zones and object to a route and ability to control visits.
  • Setting rules and restrictions for overstays and stops.
  • Ability to connect a Panic/Emergency Button.
  • Highly reliable real-time data update, refreshing every few seconds. Enables you to manage your fleet and take fast and accurate decisions.
  • Reducing overall fleet expenses with up to 50%.
  • Additional monitoring over fuel waste and control, vehicle exploitation and servicing. Results in drastic reduction of vehicle amortisation.
  • Management of working hours, rests and stayovers.
  • Monitoring of driving style and compliance with different driving and transportation laws, resulting in drastic reduction of road-related accidents.
  • Ability to notify and record when and where refuelling or fuel drainage have occurred.
  • Full monitoring and alerting when the previously set rules have not been followed and automatically adding the numbers to custom profiles and statistics.
  • Increasing transparency with extensive analytical information, automatic reporting and exporting of reports and graphs.
  • Ability to connect and export to external systems for statement of expenditures.
  • Automatic data archiving and advanced system learning.
  • Ability to choose specific roads for the route of the vehicle and allocate the tasks in the most productive way possible. Ideal for oversized vehicles.
  • Increasing punctuality over working hours and deliveries, resulting in customer satisfaction, improved employee productivity and vehicle usage optimisation.
  • Ability to set specific reports and exports, proving business compliance.
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