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GPS Systems Bulgaria gives abilities for vehicle control and tracking in real time


GPS Systems Bulgaria gives abilities for vehicle control and tracking in real time. Our solutions are intended for fleets of different sizes and businesses specialized in logistics and distribution of fast-moving consumer goods. The software provides view over all events related transportations and logistics with an accurate quality grading system which clearly shows the productivity and rentability of each vehicle and driver. Especially appropriate for listed above companies is the ability for defining routes, regions and compulsory zones where to be completed set tasks .Visualization of routes introduce to driver the way he has passed in time interval and places where have eventual disruptions are marked. GPS Systems further gives an option to draw and define geographic zones . The system set speed regulations and control on entering and leaving zones. It also provide driver identification and function for setting driver work time.
GPS Systems developed two-way communication system between driver and monitoring center .It allows the manager to set and send routes and tasks for drivers to complete them. Options further included:



• Sending fast text messages;

• Sending text messages from dispatcher to driver;
•  Sending text messages from vehicle to dispatcher
•  Creating navigation routes;
•  Sending end point coordinates
•  History of sent and received messages 
•  History of sent POI(points of interest) and routes
• История на изпратените точки и маршрути.
GPS Systems allows monitoring and notification of unauthorized events. The system alerts in case of unregulated fuel abuse in real time.Notifications of possible irregularities can be sent to e-mail address and \or alerted for disruptions in the systems.

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