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GPS System_award 2019

GPS Systems is the winner of Balkan Business Awards 2019 in the category for most innovative security and control company, marking the business as the established leader on the market for GPS Fleet Management Systems and high-class security systems. GPS Systems was heavily assessed alongside other businesses from Macedonia, Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria. Thanks to the latest innovations introduced by the company into the mass market, GPS Systems has impacted and improved a number of businesses and business areas, setting a trend in the security and home automation field. As recognised by the jury “The technological innovations introduced by GPS Systems have had a significant positive impact on the development and optimisation of both businesses and the digital economy.” Earlier this year, Smart Hi-Tech - one of GPS Systems brands, introduced its latest high-class security alarm system integrated with cloud technologies and home automation – Smart Guard. Smart Guard offers not only a highly secured cloud integration and communication but also automation of different home appliances. The system can be remotely accessed from authorised devices (smart phones, tablets, browsers) and the user has full insight and control over the state of the system, receives alerts and can access past records and events. The system further integrates a designer keypad with advanced access control capabilities making it perfect for large offices and other commercial and industrial buildings. With our ongoing work with our clients, GPS Systems has further managed to successfully and significantly reduce costs and fuel consumption in a number of businesses as well as introduce unique solutions for solving business specific problems making the business more efficient and the environment greener. GPS Systems offers a highly secured multiplatform Fleet Management Cloud technology which can be accessed form anywhere in the world and offers the leadership team the needed control and insight over their fleets and all related departments and processes.  

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